Permanent Vacation (FT-592)- Mixtape Vol. 2

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This is the second installment of our Permanent Vacation mixtape series featuring hand-picked Chicago artists (plus one Canadian and a NY'er). This tape is a mix of vibey synth jams and some good ol' rock'n'roll. This is a cassette only release and is not available online!

Permanent Vacation Vol. 2

Side A:
Sean Henry- Permanent Vacation
Modern Vices- Moonlight Horchata
Dam Gila- Another Day
Post Animal- Caught in the Trap
Paul Cherry- Very Special Episode
Today’s Hits- I Got Dogs
Wavy ID- I Wish I Could Fly

Side B:
Suzie- Do It Again
Bloodhype- Scatter Lightly
Bunny- Promises
Lamon Manuel- Play Nice Pt. 1
Phedre- Zastroszy
Pixel Grip- Right Side
Holy Vail- Black Lilith

All tracks courtesy of the artist.
Feeltrip Records 2017.

Cover art and design: Alex Manley the Intern

Assembled like Voltron in the Feeltrip Labs. Special thanks to Diana, Adam and Daniel for putting it together.

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