Ronnie Stone- Ride Again Vinyl LP

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Ride Again is a lavish expansion on the sounds and styles of his previous record, 2015's Motorcycle Yearbook; a result of countless hours spent dwelling in the shadows at nightclubs and warehouse parties over the past decade. Drawing on solace and epiphanies that stemmed from the dance floor, he weaves together elements of New Wave with the groovy and persistent infectiousness of Techno and House. Riding four-on-the-floor rhythms like a mythical motorcycle, Ronnie's sparkling synthesizers provide a bed for his dynamic vocals as he sings his songs of heartbreak, romance, and leather.

Ride Again was written and recorded at an undisclosed location. The first demos for the album were tracked in 2020 and the final mixes were completed in the spring of 2022. The album was mixed by Ronnie Stone and mastered by Adam Stilson at Decade Studios.

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