Dispencer "Dead Desert Sharks" Tee

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This is a pre-sale! All items will ship in November 2023. All pre-orders include a die-cut holographic sticker with Dispencer's logo:) 

FT-008: Dead Desert Sharks
Dispencer's first BRANDED merch. Hustling hard in the desert, you better watch out these buds might shark you!

Dispencer is a hand poke tattoo artist originally from the Chicago area, recently moved to Denver, CO to become a mountain man and explore the unknown. Can't find him in your city for a tattoo? Maybe he got lost in the mountains, mauled by a bear, who knows..get your hands on some limited release merch!

4 color print on sweet heavyweight Comfort Colors 100% cotton tees in ivory. Perfect for however you wanna wear it: crop it, dye it, the world is yours!

Printed with love in Chicago!

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