Sun Cop- When You Hear The Drum You May Speak LP (FT-75)

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"When You Hear The Drum You May Speak" is the debut album from Chicago producer/engineer R. Andrew Humphrey. The album features cameos from members of Twin Peaks, YAWN, and Sister Crystals.

For the last six years, Sun Cop (a.k.a Andrew Humphrey) has been the in-house engineer for Feeltrip Records and has produced the work of artists such as Twin Peaks, Calpurnia, YAWN, Giant Claw, +more. After producing Twin Peaks’ well-received third LP, Down In Heaven, Humphrey began work on his solo album, When You Hear the Drum You May Speak. Using static vocals that croon verses over guitar, drums, and synth, Humphrey blends garage rock with psychedelic poetry. His solo debut is a futuristic play on the garage rock sounds from his previous work on Down in Heaven in a mixture of foggy headbanging riffs like “Led Zeppelin V” and cosmic lullabies such as “Rulebreaker”.

Read an interview with Andrew published in The Chicago Tribune here.

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Recorded at Decade Music Studios in Chicago, Illinois
Produced, engineered and mixed by R Andrew Humphrey
Additional production by Colin Croom and Adam Gil
Mastered by Shelly Steffens at Chicago Mastering Service

All songs written by R Andrew Humphrey, except “Under Blood Covers,” written by R Andrew Humphrey and Adam Gil.

R. Andrew Humphrey: Guitar, bass, programming, modular synth, vocals
Colin Croom: Drums, piano, Mellotron, Wurlitzer, guitar, bass
Spencer Klein: Drums on “Onwards”
Lauren Louvel Louise Whitacre: Vocals on "Onwards" and "When You Hear The Drum You May Speak"
Cadien Lake James: Vocals on "Golden Son"
Adam Gil: Vocals and guitar on "Under Blood Covers"

Artwork by Keith Rankin

Special thanks to Colin, Cadien & Twin Peaks, Adam & YAWN, Lauren, Spencer, Dave & Diana, Josh C, Josh P, Erik & Adam, the Observatory and FeelTrip crews, Mom, Dad, Neal and Jay


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