Weird Song of the Week: Celebrity Go$$ip

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A weekly dose of weird, "WeIrD SoNg Of ThE WeEk" presents you with Chicago's strangest, wonkiest, noisiest, most fun, intergalactic, icky, gooey songs one week at a time.

Jacq and Frudy

This week’s song: “Little Shell (Lousy Bitch),” a sweet, playful, anxiety-inducing collage of sounds, vocals, and tempos by Celebrity Go$$ip. You may know Jacq and Frudy, the duo who make up Celebrity Go$$ip, from a number of goings-on around the DIY scene in the city, but only recently have they begun performing together under the Celebrity Go$$ip moniker.

“With Frudy, we just make music for fun; neither of us have any serious musical experience. We feel connected when we make music with each other. Both of us have very similar emotional experiences, and that connection feels very natural when we create together,” said Jacq.

According to Jacq, the song was written in an hour and recorded on Frudy’s iPhone, “after a few Tecates and hugs.”

It is easy to picture this song being recorded on a basement floor, cross legged, with the duo pinging away at the xylophone, their vocals at first whimsical and dreamy and then suddenly urgent and fidgety.

Consider this song a parting gift from Jacq who will be spending the summer studying in Prague. At first a sweet chant that a young child may sing while playing hopscotch, "I'm just a little she-e-e-l-l-l sitting on the ocean fl-o-o-o-r-r," a tune to whistle on an exceptionally beautiful summer day that evolves into a harsh reality, "I'm only a lousy b-i-i-i-t-c-h, sitting on your kitchen fl-o-o-o-r-r," the track is the answer to your manic, anxiety-inducing dreams. 

Interview and writing by Elizabeth Meyer

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