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A weekly dose of weird, "WeIrD SoNg Of ThE WeEk" presents you with Chicago's strangest, wonkiest, noisiest, most fun, intergalactic, icky, gooey songs one week at a time. 

Photograph by Marissa KM

Photograph by Marissa KM

This week's song is BLØØDH¥PE from Bloodhype's 11-track space trip of an album, After Dinner Mints

Bloodhype is the project of Ohio transplant Maureen Neer. Started in Athens, Ohio, under what Neer details as "a disco ball and psychoactive dissociative substances," Bloodhype is her "end-of-the-night project," one that she quietly constructs in her bedroom to satisfy her warped brain. According to Neer, it is a fluid, ever-changing project that includes the collaboration of other local musicians such as Imelda Marcos, Malci, and Chris Lee. 

The song BLØØDH¥PE is a five-minute, 13-second-long mix of intergalactic loops that climaxes into fuzzy chanting and scratchy effects. Made in GarageBand, it features the drenching reverb and delay characteristic of many Bloodhype tracks, as well as a plug-in known as Crystallizer that created the otherworldly sound effects on this track. The beat comes from a Casio Rapman, "a synth that was probably made for eight-year-olds in 1991," according to Neer, but the main synth on the track is a Yamaha Music Station that "hides the insane amount of sample material and has some really cool voices on it."

BLØØDH¥PE is currently in the process of being remixed by Rahim Salaam (What About Chicago?, Sex No Babies) who will be rapping over the track. 

Lyrically, BLØØDH¥PE is a short and sweet poem:

"All that I wanted to see was the color of blood on the screen
If there's one thing you need to be free, it's the color of blood underneath
A fine unreliable"
Interview and writing by Elizabeth Meyer

Listen to BLØØDH¥PE here:


Watch a video for the instrumental version of BLØØDH¥PE here:


bloodhype from BLØØDH¥PE on Vimeo.



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