LaCroix Boi: The Party Photos

If you didn't make it out to Berlin for LaCroix Boi: The Party last month, here's what you missed: 

This party was made for the loyal of all loyal LaCroix fans. Berlin was littered with the bubbly beverage and patrons could pocket as many as they could carry. The night was full of LaCroix inspired looks, as well as performances by Fee Lion (CHI) and Big Dipper (L.A.) BD performed all of the favorites and ended the night by inviting everyone to dump a Costco store's worth of LaCroix onto him while writhing around in a kiddy pool. It was incredible. Watch the live performance of "LaCroix Boi" after the photos: 

Photos by: Claire Bernotavicious, Diana Bowden, Alex Manley

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