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Faith, love-bug of a pug, with her pal Mattie
Photo courtesy of Faith's BFF, Kelso

Who is Faith? Faith is squish, Faith is rolls upon rolls of wholesome love and goodness. Faith is the most illustrious pug that DIY CHI has ever had the privilege to know. One would think that a pug as accomplished as Faith Loaf would be stuck up and self-absorbed, but in my experience and that of Faith’s many friends, lovers, and admirers, she is always down to earth and down to cuddle. This pug resides at Charm School with her good pal Kelso and recently took time out of her packed schedule of sleeping, borking, and being a smol doggo to talk to me about her glitzy life of fame, respiratory noises, DIY, and making music.

Faith taking some down time from being famous among pillows
Photo courtesy of Kelso

Elizabeth: Hello Faith, how are you and who are you?

Faith: I am doing okay. I went to the spa today, you know, just trying to keep it relaxed. Also, I am the pug of the diy scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth: Can you tell me about the music you make?

Faith: I make foot-work for dogs and dogs ONLY.

Elizabeth: What is your creative process?

Faith: I start by wagging my tail and getting excited. Then I attack the music notes!!!

Elizabeth: What does diy mean to you?

Faith: D: dogs I: in  Y: yard

Elizabeth: How does it feel to be one of the most relevant and lovable pups in the diy scene?

Faith: Well, you know, at first I was overwhelmed. Like wow! All these pups like my music! But then I took a step back, recorded Pawwork, and then I took a nap.

Elizabeth: How do you keep all of that fame from going to your head?

Faith: It's making my head huge! I have a small head!!!

Elizabeth and Faith spending some quality time together
Photo courtesy of the author/interviewer, Elizabeth

Elizabeth: What are a few of your favorite things in this world?

Faith: 1. Belly rubs 2. Kelso 3. Food

Elizabeth: Who are your fav local bands and artists currently?

Faith: Right now I really love Drool!! Can't stop listening!

Elizabeth: Do you plan on releasing any music in the near future?

Faith: Yes! I am starting to dive into more experimental elements like my nails on the floor, or my yawn. Sometimes when I see people and I'm really excited I'll go GOWWWW!!! So there's that.

Elizabeth: Is there anything else you would like to add or anybody you would like to send some extra love to?

Faith: I'd like to shoutout Fatkid (I'm their manager). Belly rubs go to you.

Listen to some of Faith's music here (but only if you're a dog!!!).

Article/Interview by Elizabeth Meyer
Editor-in-Chief: Diana Bowden

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